The Stonegrill ® System

   The flexibility of the system excites the imagination of chefs, as there is an endless
        choice of fresh foods that can be cooked on the Stonegrill®, such as seafood, meats,

        poultry, vegetables or fruits.


The simplicity of the Stonegrill® System ensures fast, efficient customer service and eliminates peak hour kitchen pressure.

Any meal can be prepared within minutes by an apprentice or kitchen assistant, taking enormous pressure from the chef, allowing time to present more creative à la carte meals, appetizers and desserts.

The Stonegrill® System enables restaurants to easily extend their menu choice, and satisfy diners who are now looking for healthier and more innovative dining.

Once the Stonegrill® System is installed, all staff are fully trained by authorised Stonegrill personnel, for the system's optimum use.

With the Stonegrill® System in place, restaurants are assured of a higher meal output, in less time and at a lower cost than can be provided with traditional meal service systems.

Fast and Efficient

Simple to Prepare

"Fast, Fresh and Nutritious"

Method of Operation
The stone is heated to precisely 400°C (752°F) in the Stonegrill® oven.  It is then removed with the oven scoop provided, and placed upon the stainless steel tray contained within the specially designed ceramic underplate.
The selected food item is then placed on the stone, vegetables, garnish and condiments are placed in the side compartments of the underplate.

The Stonegrill® meals is then presented at the diner's table by way of a serving cart. On completion of the meal, the stone is removed for cleaning.
The Stonegrill® carts enable a complete table to be served efficiently within minutes, and can then be utilized to clear other tables and returned to the kitchen for reloading.

The Stones
The specially selected stones, chosen for their high latent heat retention, are non toxic, non porous, and pass the FDA safety requirements. Other types of stone cannot capture and retain the perfect temperature essential for Stonegrill® cooking. This stone retains a "prime cooking" temperature for 30 minutes, and remains hot for more than 60 minutes.

These stones are easily cleaned in seconds with warm water, and a stainless steel scourer without detergent, followed by rinsing. The stones can then be returned to the Stonegrill® oven, the high temperature will "burn clean" the stone for re-use.

The Stonegrill® Oven
The specially designed Stonegrill® oven is made to exacting world standards by our company, with a total commitment to quality. Our ovens meet all international safety and sanitation standards, they are cUL, UL, NSF and CE compliant.

Stonegrill International Pty. Ltd. is the "first and only" company in the world to have back-up service parts built into every Stonegrill® oven for ultimate reliability and peace of mind.
The oven is the heart of the Stonegrill® System, and is the only purpose built oven operating on 240V power, and capable of heating the stones "economically" to the required temperature of 400°C (752°F), essential for Stonegrill Cooking.

The total stone capacity of one oven is 72 stones within 3 equal and independent inner heating compartments, each thermostatically controlled.

Stonegrill ovens are compact in design, reliable, economical to operate and carry a "Lifetime Guarantee" mechanically and electrically.

The Stonegrill® Underplates
The ceramic underplates are uniquely designed to safely contain the super-heated stone within the platter, exposing only the cooking surface. These platters are available in two styles and selected decor colours, and are of such high quality that they are almost unchipable with the most vigorous kitchen use.

Made in Australia
All STONEGRILL® equipment and products are proudly manufactured in Australia.

Stonegrill® Ovens:

"The Fresh Taste in Dining"

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