Incorporating the System

Stonegrill International Pty. Ltd. is the Australian company that has been responsible for the development of the Stonegrill® Concept and manufacture of the Stonegrill® System, and now operates world-wide under the STONEGRILL® banner.

The Stonegrill® System is the most innovative and cost efficient food service system developed today,and allows for economic integration into any venue, be it large or small, offering casual or formal dining.

Now, this innovative and affordable food service system is available to selected local, national and international operators, through simplified Licensing Agreement. All with the support and world-wide reputation of STONEGRILL®


It's Your Business

Unlike a franchise which demands that you conform to rules and image completely, the Stonegrill® Licence Agreement allows you to retain total control of your business. STONEGRILL® does not demand a percentage of your business turnover, or dictate menu pricing and has no compulsory advertising budget, and no upfront franchise fee.

STONEGRILL® does not involve itself with the general running of any STONEGRILL® operation. Our foremost interest is in the uniformity, quality and presentation of STONEGRILL®. The identity of which is recognized through the STONEGRILL® name and trademark symbol.

It is through this agreement and the association with STONEGRILL® that the Stonegrill® Licencee is offered the many benefits and entitlements, which lower overheads and improve business viability and competitiveness.

Since it's introduction in 1985 by the founders, the Verwey Family, STONEGRILL® has captured the interest and hearts of diners and restaurateurs throughout the world and has been incorporated into hundreds of venues, such as restaurants, cafe's, international hotels, clubs, and resorts with outstanding success.

Businesses that have incorporated this new and exciting concept lead the way in providing fresh, healthy,and innovative cuisine.

Stonegrill ® Testimonials:
Following are extracts from operator testimonials that provide an overview of the
positive impact on their individual businesses after the incorporation of STONEGRILL®.

"The Renmark Hotel's Stonegrill® Restaurant recently received the
Banrock Station Big River Country 1999 Award for 'Restaurants'.
We are very proud of our achievements and Stonegrill® is certainly
exceeding our expectations".

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STONEGRILL® stands solidly on it's reputation world-wide, as an affordable and proven system with absolute support provided by the company.

The Stonegrill® Systems:
The Stonegrill® Systems are available in varying sizes to meet the needs all types of operations and venues.

The System 24 or System 48 - are suitable for small cafe/restaurants integrating Stonegrill® Cuisine into their existing menu.

The System 72 - is suitable for small to medium size restaurants integrating Stonegrill® Cuisine into their existing menu.

Multiple Systems - are tailored specifically for larger restaurants specializing in or incorporating the Stonegrill® Concept.


  • An affordable food service system in a complete and proven package.
  • A system which is easily incorporated with no expensive kitchen modifications.
  • System installation and training by qualified personnel.
  • Ongoing commitment and customer service.
  • Exclusivity within an agreed area.
  • Use of internationally recognized trademarks.
  • Equipment back-up service guaranteed.
  • Technical support during the introduction and continued operation of the Stonegrill® System.
  • For more informationon how to join  STONEGRILL® and incorporate the Stonegrill® System into your existing business, or to create a new venture contact us.

    "The Future of Dining"

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